All in One Type LED TUBE : ELK-T8H120

Convenience :

  • Anyone can easily and easily replace it.

Economics :

  • No initial installation cost required.
  • Maintenance costs are relatively small compared to construction type.
  • More than 5 years (when using 24h) Long life, more than 40% energy savings


  • It is safe for over voltage and over current (Built-in protection circuit)
  • There is no rise in temperature even if you use it for a long time.
  • Minimized eye fatigue by eliminating flicker

Ballast compatible technology

  • Magnetic type (2 kinds), electronic type (2 kinds), 32w, 40w

Superior quality:

  • Domestic production of pure domestic parts, defective rate ‘0’ challenge


AC Direct Type T8 LED TUBE for Sign: ELK-T8S120

  • Fluorescent replacement type LED straight tube light
  • Built-in ballast AC direct connection method
  • Light efficiency 100 lm/ W or more
  • CRI 85 or higher
  • NANO TUBE (Light Weight / No bending due to heat)
  • Outdoor: Waterproof coating on circuit


3rd Gen. Water-Oil Deep Fryer Machine – QEEN COOK

To keep the frying oil fresh, separation and purification technology has been applied to our 3rd generation oil-water fryer.

Queen Cook will lead the clean cooking culture

The taste of the fried dish is determined mostly on the freshness of the oil which is used.

Now the Queen cook magic begins



  • The World first AC direct drive type plant grow LED light
  • Over 10,000lm Ultra Bright Plant Grow Light
  • Full spectrum light is for houseplants, indoor & outdoor garden
  • Powerful heat-sink
  • Smartphone control