Direct AC LED Driver IC

General Description

The ELK-AC2500 is a direct AC line LEDs driver through the bridge rectifier supply without AC-DC conversions circuit.

Zero to three additional resistors are optional for various LED power consumption.

The ELK-AC2500 provides protection against over temperature and voltage.

The ELK-AC2500 is available in 8-pin QFN package.


  • No magnetic, no capacitors
  • High Power Factor > 95%
  • High Efficiency >92%
  • Adjustable LED power consumption with external resistors
  • Low THD line current <20%
  • Low conducted EMI without filters
  • Drive LEDs up to 8W
  • Over Current/Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Dimming Function (1-10V)
  • QFN-8 Package with exposed thermal pad


Street LED light, Security LED light, Down LED light, Flat Panel LED light, LED TUBE, Bulb, etc.

Application Circuit Diagram